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this game is amazing and I love it! shed a tear of how incredible this game was, it may be short but i can say that it is my favorite or one of my favorite games. have a lovely day!


The constant referencing to the Voyager Golden Record with it's paintings, I found to be interesting in this game.

If you don't know, it was a 6 hour long vinyl record sent from scientists into the space, so that if aliens find and play it, it will represent the music and sounds of the earth. 

The paintings in the game (even mathematical sequences) are from the package too. It's still probably flying somewhere in space.


Where meatballs?


cool :]


So many choices! If given options in life, what would you chose? Red? Blue? Dogs? Spiders...?


Thank you so much for the video! The entire team really enjoyed watching it!


You're very welcome! It's a great game and I kinda hope it gets turned into something bigger. The concept is great! 


Looking awesome! I'm installing it right now, congratulations devs :)


Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy it!

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An interesting concept for a game. 

I can only complain about a few things, and they are minor. The physics are a little weird at times, and subtitles would have been a great feature. (I had seen it mentioned by a previous user to which RIMO responded " We did implement subtitles but they were not perfect, so we decided to not have them on per default.")

Despite the game having a few rough points it is overall a great game and a great experience. I personally enjoyed how thoroughly the assets were implemented in a way that was visually appealing, each room felt unique and each asset was fitting in it's placement. The lines were well timed for an average playthrough, and fit the environment they occurred in perfectly. They spoke to the player and the character independently at the same time. The lines felt appropriate to be said to the character and helped the player understand what they needed to do in the section. The narration being projected from speakers in the rooms really added the effect of an outside source monitoring the character and taking note of their choices and actions. For the player it is a great experience to learn the lore of a game, and it was done well here. The story remained intact while slowly letting the player in on the secret. Things like the narrator messing up the word "breakfast", and the choice of pets the character receives. (Sidenote: choosing between a dog and a spider was an excellent choice for development) The lighting and shadows felt natural and well implemented, adding depth and detail to the environment.  A lot of effort went into the production of this game and it is clear to see it was worth it.

(Spoilers in the next section)

I really enjoyed how the game prepared you to break the glass to escape to the outside of the building. It set up the idea of leaving the room while maintaining integrity of the story. The way the players focus is shifted toward the glass was amazingly done, the sound and visual cues lined up perfectly and created an amazing display of real effort and real reward.

Like I said before, great game and great experience. The game was amazing through and through, an excellent game overall.



Wow, thank you so much for the kind and insightful words! We feel incredibly lucky and privileged to receive such thorough feedback! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game, and we'll be sure to let you know if and when we finally (re)implement subtitles!


Reminds me of the Stanley Parable a little bit


got stuck behind some bloody chairs but the game is sick


Is it a horror game or a escape game?


We didn't think of it as a horror game, though others have described it as such :). Let us know what you think!


Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and thank you for sharing your work with all of us!

Thank you so much for the feature and wonderful feedback! Really thankful for how in-depth you went 🙂


Amazing Job!!! Love The choice making aspect of the game it was really unique idea!!! I just wish there were some secret choices you could make for a True ending sort of thing. 

I'm definitely gonna check out any games you make in the future so keep up the great work!!!


SpaceSpider, SpaceSpider!

Does whatever a SpaceSpider 'that found pioneer's plaque' it can.

Spins a web any size,

Catches species, just like flies.

Look out! Here comes the SpaceSpider!

Haha, where can we find a musical rendition? We definitely need to put that in the game!


Nice game


I liked the game. He presented a very interesting idea. In my opinion the game would be much more interesting than it already is if it were improved and expanded. He has excellent potential. Congratulations to those involved.

Thank you for the kind words! Really enjoyed watching you play through our game!


Nice little game! Enjoyed the story!Great work!

Thank you so much for the video and the kind words - glad you enjoyed it!


Game dev here: 

sensitivity option pls

you're view still moves when paused. If you did it right setting Time.timeScale to 0 will help that

I don't like how the voice's audiosource isn't attached to player, but whatever floats your boat

Quite boring overall, especially with the slow move speed and locked doors


Sensitivity is definitely a weak point.

The speakers voice is coming out of actual speakers that are physically present  in each room explaining why you hear the voice. 

It is intentionally a slow game with a focus on story, so that might not have fit your expectation, thanks though!


I didn't notice the speakers, but I still think it is weird. Of course that is all up to y'all.

Yeah, I mostly don't like slow games. It was really well made though, even if I don't personally enjoy the way it was made.


@arrowmaster1252 "Game Dev Here" - Yeah right! You've made one EXTREMELY crappy game that isn't a patch on this one.

"Quite boring overall" - Not sure how you can possibly think that's true, especially if you played through to the end.

I don't do game dev mainly on why did you just assume that? I use this only for jams, which I mostly delete afterwards, because I file them away incase I hope to build more on them later. After making a portfolio of prototypes I found a team on r/gamedevclassifieds and am working with them.

I did play through to the end. Unless the game unlocks if you take a different path at the fork.

Amazing game, loved it!



Jeg har spillet jeres spil fra start til slut 3 gange, og jeg kan både godt lide jeres spil, men jeg er på en måde også lidt skuffet. Men altså først og fremmest så ser spillet godt ud, og fortællingen bliver godt fortalt. Spillets atmosfære er både mystisk og humoristisk. Overordnet så gør de ting spillet værd at spille.

Det er tydeligt at spillets gameplay, mere eller mindre udelukkende bygger på valg. Det er sådan set også en fin ide, men valgene virker i de fleste tilfælde banale og de ser ikke ud til ændre ret meget andet end på hvordan huset ser ud næste gang du går i gennem det. Og desværre fandt jeg aldrig nogle gemte alternative valg, men det betyder selvfølgelige ikke at de ikke eksistere. Selv det sidste valg, som bestemt er spillets mest interessante valg, virker ikke i sig selv super interessant.

Spillets historie i sig selv er bestemt okay, og jeg var underholdt af den måde den bliver fortalt. Men desværre så indeholder historien ikke særlig mange overraskende tvists. Og det var det især ikke efter at jeg hørte stemmen i soveværelset, for så havde jeg allerede der fra en fornemmelse af hvilken vej historien ville gå. Men okay det er måske bare mig, som har spillet lidt for mange spil, med mere eller mindre samme historie.

I skriver selv om spillet, at det er et spil om frihed, valg og ensomhed. Jeg kan godt se de ting i spillet, men det kunne måske være brugt til lidt mere. Og ja man har frihed til at vælge, men valgene virker for det meste små og friheden begrænset. Og det kan selvfølgelig godt være pointen med spillet, men det er ikke den fornemmelse jeg får, når jeg spiller igennem historien, og slet ikke når jeg når til slutningen. Og ensomhed er på en eller anden måde et tema i spillet, men det drukner lidt i mere eller mindre ligegyldige valg. Og desværre så oplever man ikke så meget følelsen af at være ensom, da man hele tiden bliver ledsaget af stemmen som holder en ved selvskab. Det at der ikke er andre mennesker i spillet virker i sig selv også meget naturligt, da det egentligt er sådan i mange andre spil, så jeg tænkte ikke over ensomheden i spilverden. 

Men nu har jeg vidst været lige lovlig kritisk over for jeres spil, så lad mig sige nogle ting, som jeg syndes virker virkelig godt. Alt der har med det visuelle, musik og stemmen fungere alt sammen generelt super godt. Der er da lidt småting, som ser lidt forkert ud, og nogle lidt mærkelig lyde. F.eks. lyder og føles basketbolden mere som en mærkelig beton klos. Det kan selvfølge godt hænge lidt sammen med historien, men så forstår jeg ikke helt hvorfor badebolden opføre og lyder som en helt almindelig badeboldt. Men okay det er små ting, som ikke gøre den store forskel for selve spiloplevelsen. Og I formår virkeligt at sammensætte et hus, som virkelig ser og føles naturligt at gå rundt i. Og jeg ved godt i bruger mange prælavede ting, men det er i selv en kunst at få dem sammensat, sådan at de virker naturlige og rigtige.  Og på sammen måde virker overgangen fra hus-verden, til rum-verden også super naturlig.

Jeg syndes også det at man går rundt i huset af flere omgange virker godt, og overgangen fra den ene tur rundt i huset til den næste virker naturlig og ret flydende. Det eneste lille problem er, at lige efter man er vågen og man skal overtage styringen af spilleren, så laver kameraet et lidt mærkeligt spring i synsretningen. Men det er bestemt et problem i småtingsafdelingen.

Men altså overordnet, så er det her et rigtigt fint lille spil, og som afslut på et kursus om "Game World Design", så er spillet i selv ret så vellykket. Og det at jeg gad at spille spillet igennem tre gange, siger i selv noget om spillet. Så kan det da godt være, at jeg syndes der var nogle ting der kunne have været anderledes og bedre, men sådan vil det sikkert altid være. 

Og i øvrigt tak fordi i delte spillet med os, og tak for spiloplevelsen.


Tusind tak for at tage så meget tid til at spille og ikke mindst skrive dine tanker om spillet. Du bringer en masse vigtige pointer op i forhold til temaer og hvordan de bliver overleveret i selve spiloplevelsen. Det har igennem hele processen været en back and forth mellem hvad valgenes rolle skulle være. Vi endte i at valgene skulle udtænkes som ting dine "hosts" er nødt til at vide om dig. Foretrukken habitat, mad og psyke. De ting er ikke altid lette at spotte ved at spille, men er trods alt overvejelser der ligger bag, men er uanset hvad utrolig spændende at diskutere.
Tak igen for dine tanker!

PS. Basketbolden er lavet af sten, haha. Badebolden er lidt et "passion object", så den skal selvfølgelig fungere som en badebold gør - giver det mening? Svært at sige, haha. 


Jeg ser tydeligt jeres interesse i badebolden, og man har lidt det samme forhold til den, som man har til "The Companion Cube" i Portals.  For mig kunne basketbolden godt have brugt lidt af den samme kærlighed, og kunne jokket lidt mere med at den er lavet af sten,  men okay man kan ikke nå alting i et lille spil.

Jeg forstår overordnet godt jeres ide med spillet, og den er sådan set også interessant.  Det jeg savner er bare at den bliver brugt til lidt mere. F.eks. kan afslutningsdialogerne der er efter man kommer ud af huset, godt være præget af de valg du traf i spillet. Hvad syndes de om en person der elsker blå, spille basket og vil leve af Ikeas kødboller. 


Tusind tak for et grundigt svar fyldt med gode overvejelser og interessante forslag! Håber du vil følge med i hvad vi laver i fremtiden. God sommer :)!


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is really original.

-The gameplay mechanics work great to carry the player through the "story".

-The audio design and level design are really good and interesting.

-Visually the game looks awesome and fits perfectly the game, making it feel cohesive.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thank you so much for the kind and constructive words and the wonderful video! So much fun seeing the choices you made throughout!


Glad you enjoyed it ^^,  you are welcome :D


This was interesting.


Thank you for playing and posting a playthrough. It's lovely to see people play your game :)


Very fascinating little experience! Had similarities to The Stanley Parable, or the intro sequence in Portal 2, which I thought was cool. One suggestion for future improvements could be to add captions, as it was a little difficult to understand the observers at times. But overall, a really interesting game!


Thank you for playing! Those two were definitely among our sources of inspiration. We did implement subtitles but they were not perfect, so we decided to not have them on per default. 

Thank you again!

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