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What's your favorite color? Would you eat meatballs for the rest of your life? Are dogs really that cute? 

Answer these questions, live the perfect day, break the cycle, and discover the truth about yourself in Endling, a short, quirky sci-fi mystery about freedom, choice, and loneliness.

Movement - W, A, S, D
Pickup/Drop - LMB
Throw - RMB
Menu - Esc

The Team:
Magnus Laursen - Writer
Marcus Grossen - Programmer
Martin Hansen - Game Designer
Mathias Schifter - Programmer
Nilas Røpke - Art Designer
Rickard Fernández Mossner - Project Manager
@ IT University of Copenhagen

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Release date May 25, 2021
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(81 total ratings)
Authors03gle, moobhoot, RIMO, Martin, Magnusaur, NilasRD
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Funny, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Sci-fi, Short, Story Rich, Surreal, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Endling: Anniversary Edition 1 GB
Version 2 Jul 09, 2022
Endling Artbook 111 MB

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Really enjoyed playing through this, nice work!
(1 edit) (+1)

Neat. Ikea reminds me of The Narrator from TSP. 


A Really Interesting and Good Game, Thanks Dev!

I really like Ikea, I wish I could tell him I want to live here but just not forget. Also I want to hug him, idk, he actually seems nice, just misguided. 


My existential dread at being locked up in an IKEA controlled reality is horrifying...10/10


As someone who enjoys smashing simulated vases, I enjoyed this game very much.

Great and awesome game


Awesome game!! Loved it. :D

Messed me up a bit. but very cool game!

Was half expecting to see Stanley half way through this. Great game. :)

luv gaem


Baby ending. A soft ending. Because nothing ever ends.


I really enjoyed this, what a trip. Thanks!

Game bugged in the loop where you're supposed to break out of your bedroom with a brick (couldn't pick up a brick). Thanks to the ppl who posted videos of their playthrough so I could see the ending.

you can also pick up the rubble that falls from the ceiling and walls and use that


this is one of the coolest indie game i've ever played;

you did a great job on this one, Dev!


I like the concept but I would've loved to see more of this game. 


this game was very interesting to say the least haha! What amazes me about you creators the fact that you put so much time into something to creat such interesting games and different concepts but anywho, if you’d like to check my gameplay of your game I left a link in my comment, have a great day! 


I knew I was in for a weird game, but I never would have guessed where it ended up going!


hey man this was surprisingly good, thanks for the play


I've never felt this level of appreciation at ikea before.


So funky and weird! Loved the little touches, the AI was actually one of the few I could enjoy in video games! Can't wait to see more from the creator! It was the third game I checked out in this weird game compilation!


Really inmersive experience, great work on the house interiors. Enjoyed the final turn. Thank you for this artpiece.


This was a good game really liked the atmosphere

bom mas o jogo ta um pouco curto


I do like a certain kind of insect, but not when they are the size of the earth... great game and I hope to see more of this type of game from you :) 


hell yeah

why oh why can't this be released for all the platforms out there? it's annoying to dual-boot just to play a game especially since with unity it's literally usually one click to support everyone..

I beg you to do a 32 bits PC version or ill die, i need to play this.

im downloading 64 bit on a laptop lol


It's so Philip Dick-esque. Good, very good. I praise your work, well done.


I hate having a bad PC because i cant play this :(


Another day, another video made. 
Still a bit upset I didn't get to see the dog 


Great game! Had a lot of fun breaking things. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1118342266


It's great !




Alright, I've played this game, and here are my thoughts.  This is one really deep game, a game that got me to open up on some of my social issues (and a few fears).  The choices were interesting, but I often wished there could of been more to chose from.  I do think it was a dirty trick that you didn't tell us what we were choosing until we chose since I thought that the image of the ocean was really a forest.  for a short experience it was a good one, and one that I do recommend, so keep up the good work!!


Played the game. I really liked it.


Great game! Had so much fun playing and recording it. It had a lot of interesting quirks and assets that made the mystery-solving a fun experience.

The ending was great! I didn't hear what the narrator said at that part the first time around, which had me going on like a 2-minute monologue trying to figure out what it all meant, haha! 

Great stuff devs! Looking forward to more projects.

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan.
Thank you!

(btw this game was recorded before you guys posted about the secret)


published 69 days ago..


I LOVE this game. 10/10 you should get it.

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