A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"EXPLORER" is a chill, no-violence exploration game where the only goal is to explore an unknown world of floating islands in a galaxy far away.

  • Explore this floating world and make up the backstory based on what you find.
  • Find the different island biomes and many objects to interact with.
  • Listen to the calming ambient background sound, and get sucked into this magical world!
  • Play as you like, as there are no rules, challenges or rewards!
  • Every time you open up the game, the world changes with procedural generation.

Move around with either WASD or the arrow keys, and interact with objects using E.

Oxana Jonsman

Eszter Várhidi

Jesper Enevoldsen

Jonas William Gohn

Markus Olesen Mohr

Mathias Schifter


EXPLORER for Windows 162 MB
EXPLORER for Linux 164 MB


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I was looking for something where i could lost myself for a little time and it relaxed me.
Thanks !

I just came back to check out something and this comment was waiting here like a little gem. I'm so happy you had a nice time playing our game :)

The game is very cool. And on what platform do you do?


Thank you. We made it in Unity, if that's what you mean?

yes THANK YOU)))))))



Thank you. Glad you had a nice experience. =)


Cute game ngl :)

i need more wholesome games like this in my life. pls make more games like this, i want a sequel too!


Thank you. We're glad you liked it. =)

Amazing game dev :D 

Thanks for showing us your playthrough, we appreciate it! :)

Thank you :)

This is a good game, but after a while there's nothing new. There are no rules, challenge, or reward but there's a restriction. After the player interact with every single object, there's not much to explore. I play this for 10 minutes and already got bored.

My suggestion is that adding some interaction combination, like you can take the water bucket and give them to someone, or take the music instrument and play it in front of npc.

Thanks for playing our game, those are some solid suggestions :D